The "Good" List

In response to my last post about the donors who opposed the California proposition for GMO labelling, here is one more post - a list of those who SUPPORTED the proposition. These are the companies I will support with my $$$, and theirs are the products I will trust to use and consume.

This list is from ballotpedia.org

Donor Amount
Organic Consumers Fund $1,334,865
Mercola Health Resources* $1,115,000
Kent Whealy** $1,000,000
Nature's Path Foods $660,709
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps $566,438
Mark Squire/Stillonger Trust (Good Earth Natural Foods) $440,000
Wehah Farm (Lundberg Family Farms) $251,500
Ali Partovi $219,113
Amy's Kitchen $200,000
Great Foods of America*** $177,000
Alex Bogusky $100,000
Clif Bar & Co. $100,000
Cropp Cooperative (Organic Valley) $100,000
Annie's, Inc. $50,000
Michael S. Funk **** $50,000
Nutiva $50,000

* Joseph Mercola was one of the main financial supporters of Proposition 37. He is an osteopath who lives in suburban Chicago. According to Mercola, "Your health care, your food supply, everything you need to live a healthy life is now being taken away and controlled by a massive industrial complex and corrupt government."

** Seed Savers Exchange co-founder

*** Supermarket chain in NJ

**** CEO of United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI) national distributor of natural and organic foods (Judy's note: my coop food buying club is UNFI)
Also, arguments in favor were presented by Grant Lundberg, Chief Executive Officer of Lundberg Family Farms